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Couple’s Counseling

Couples come to me for counseling for many reasons. Most often it’s to build a deeper connection with each other, to enhance communication, or perhaps to work through some very particular issues or concerns and they need a third party to help them navigate difficult emotional terrain.

Whether their issues are something more basic like communication, or whether more complex like dealing with infidelity or perhaps other ways trust has been broken, there is immense value for a couple to have a trained and experienced therapist in the room with them to work with through the intense feelings of anger and disappointment they are likely harboring, and sometimes, have been harboring for years. Many come to me when they have lost confidence that their partner can hear them and understand them and so it can be a bit frightening to bring their thoughts and feelings to each other once again when for so long it’s only left them feeling disappointed, hurt and alone. There are so many things can be helpful for a couple struggling to reconnect, such as various tools, strategies, techniques, etc, but in my experience, the most vital requirement is quite literally, the safe space of the therapist’s office and the holding presence and guidance of the therapist. There is something profoundly helpful for a couple to know that someone is there to hold their emotions with them, so that they can more openly and fully share what they think and feel.

I bring extensive training and experience in the area of couples counseling. I am able to utilize a variety of approaches such as EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy), Imago Therapy, The Gottman Method, and others.

Some of the most common problems that couples face are:

  • Unmanageable conflict
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Conflict over lifestyles and value
  • Breach of fidelity
  • Relationship apathy
  • Dealing with a significant life change or crisis
  • Parenting issues or concerns
  • Working through a separation or divorce
  • Pre-Marriage counseling

My Specialties

Individual Counseling

People seek therapy for different reasons. Some just want to work through a particular situation. Others want help in working through a long-standing struggle or problem. Increasingly, men and women are discovering that therapy adds value to their work, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Couple’s Counseling

Healthy relationships contribute significantly to a person’s health and well-being. But many struggle to experience the kind of connection they long for. Couples often get stuck in patterns that leave them feeling alone and frustrated. I can help you make sense of these patterns which makes change and greater intimacy possible.

Men’s Counseling

Men often find the process of therapy un-inviting and unhelpful. I bring a particular sensibility to, and understanding of, the unique challenges men face in navigating the world of emotions. I work with men to help them gain greater depth and meaning in their personal and relational life.