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Men’s Counseling

As men, we face our own kinds of challenges. Our inner strivings are easily thwarted by external pressures and expectations which can leave a void needing to be filled. Many of us have not had men in our lives that were able to model for us how to explore our internal world. We are often shamed for not being able to express our feelings, which only makes it more difficult to know ourselves and find healthy ways to get what we need. Our feelings must go somewhere so they often get expressed through outward actions and behaviors—sometimes harmful to us and to others.

Some of the common behaviors men may struggle with are:

  • Heighten anger and agitation
  • Apathy or lethargy
  • Sexual promiscuity and/or impulsivity
  • Over working
  • Over using alcohol or other substances
  • Lack of direction or motivation

My Specialties

Individual Counseling

People seek therapy for different reasons. Some just want to work through a particular situation. Others want help in working through a long-standing struggle or problem. Increasingly, men and women are discovering that therapy adds value to their work, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Couple’s Counseling

Healthy relationships contribute significantly to a person’s health and well-being. But many struggle to experience the kind of connection they long for. Couples often get stuck in patterns that leave them feeling alone and frustrated. I can help you make sense of these patterns which makes change and greater intimacy possible.

Men’s Counseling

Men often find the process of therapy un-inviting and unhelpful. I bring a particular sensibility to, and understanding of, the unique challenges men face in navigating the world of emotions. I work with men to help them gain greater depth and meaning in their personal and relational life.